5 de abril de 2024

Mastering Stop-Loss in Forex Trading

An infographic highlighting how stop-loss orders protect against significant losses by automatically selling assets at set prices.In the fast-paced world of trading, managing risk is as crucial as seeking profit. A stop-loss order is a powerful tool in a trader's arsenal, designed to limit potential losses on an investment. It automatically sells a security when it reaches a certain price, preventing further losses. This guide explores the ins and outs of stop-loss orders, offering insights into their strategic application and highlighting common pitfalls traders encounter.


31 de março de 2024

The Guide to Selecting the Best Time Frame for Intraday Trading

Essential tips and techniques for intraday traders aiming to maximize their profits while minimizing risks.Intraday trading, a strategy where stocks are bought and sold within the same trading day, demands precise timing and a deep understanding of market movements. Identifying the best time frame for intraday trading can significantly impact the success of trades. This article delves into the intricacies of intraday time analysis, exploring the optimum periods for trading and the various chart time frames available to traders.


28 de março de 2024

Strategies for Effective Use of Pending Orders

This image provides a close-up view of an MT4 chart inundated with multiple trading indicators, such as moving averages and RSI.In the fast-paced world of trading, a pending order stands as a pivotal tool for traders aiming to capitalize on market opportunities without the need to be constantly online. This guide delves into the essence, operation, types, and strategies associated with pending orders, particularly in the context of the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. We'll explore how pending orders compare with market orders, their duration, cancellation processes, and the concept of protective orders.


26 de março de 2024

Swing Trading Success: Discover the Best Books

Dive into the core of swing trading with our curated selection of must-read books. Ideal for traders looking to sharpen their strategies.Swing trading is a method aiming to capitalize on short- to medium-term fluctuations in stock prices, often maintaining positions from a few days to several weeks. Unlike day trading, where trades are opened and closed within a single day, or long-term investing, which involves holding assets for months or years, swing trading occupies a unique middle ground. Swing traders employ a range of strategies, including technical analysis, chart patterns, and market sentiment, to pinpoint potential swing points in the market where significant price movements or reversals are anticipated.


7 de março de 2024

Intraday Trading Rules You Need to Know

Forex prices fluctuate, showcasing trend lines and indicators, depicting market navigation.Intraday trading rules, also known as day trading, is a strategy where traders enter and exit positions within the same trading day. This approach requires understanding the market's short-term movements and often involves making rapid decisions based on current market trends and indicators. Here, we'll dive into the essentials of intraday trading, including key rules, tips, strategies, indicators, and more, to provide a comprehensive guide for those looking to navigate the fast-paced world of day trading effectively.


27 de fevereiro de 2024

Top Picks: Best Technical Analysis Books for Every Trader

Explore the world of technical analysis with the ultimate guidebook recommended by experts. Master market trends, patterns, and indicators for informed trading decisions.Technical analysis stands as a cornerstone in the trading world, offering insights that help traders and investors make informed decisions based on chart patterns, historical price actions, and various statistical figures. This method, unlike fundamental analysis, focuses on price movements rather than the company's fundamentals. Best technical analysis books serve as invaluable resources for both beginners and seasoned traders, providing the knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of the market.


25 de fevereiro de 2024

Forex Market Holidays

Calendar highlighting forex market closure days due to national holidays in various countries.The forex market, known for its 24/5 operation, undergoes a significant shift during national bank holidays. These periods not only impact trading hours but also affect liquidity and market volatility. As such, both novice and seasoned traders need to be well-acquainted with the intricacies of forex market holidays to navigate these times effectively.


24 de fevereiro de 2024

Understanding What is XAUUSD in Forex Trading

A concise guide to understanding XAUUSD in Forex trading.What is XAUUSD? Forex trading is very popular in the financial world, because it offers a chance to trade any time of the day or night with lots of liquidity. It's where currencies from around the globe are swapped, playing a crucial role in both international trade and offering a playground for traders looking to speculate and make a profit. Gold, in particular, stands out in this engaging market. More than just a shiny metal, it's seen as a sign of wealth and a go-to option for protecting investments during times of economic problems.


19 de fevereiro de 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Mini Forex Account

An engaging visual guide to the benefits and features of Mini Forex Accounts for new traders.The world of Forex trading offers various account types to cater to the diverse needs and investment capacities of traders. Among these, the Mini Forex Account stands out as an accessible option for those looking to enter the Forex market with a relatively small investment. This detailed guide aims to explore the concept of Mini Forex Accounts, providing insights into their workings, benefits, and how they can be a strategic choice for novice and experienced traders alike.


14 de fevereiro de 2024

Discover Intraday Trading Chart Patterns

Explore the art and science of intraday trading through the lens of chart patterns. This feature image encapsulates the essence of trading's dynamic nature, guiding traders through the peaks and valleys of market trends with precision and insight.Intraday trading, a strategy based on short-term movements within the trading day, requires a deep understanding of chart patterns to predict future price movements effectively. This article delves into the intricacies of intraday trading chart patterns, offering insights into how traders can leverage these patterns for better decision-making in the fast-paced trading environment.


11 de fevereiro de 2024

Top Recommended Books for Price Action Trading

Discover the best in price action trading with our selection of key books. This image captures the core of trading knowledge, highlighting top reads that offer insights into mastering the markets. Each book promises to guide readers through the intricacies of financial trading.Price action trading is a methodology that relies solely on historical and real-time price movements to make trading decisions. This approach eschews traditional technical indicators in favor of a more direct analysis of the market, allowing traders to react more swiftly to price changes.


4 de maio de 2018

Estratégia simples para ganhar com a Cripto

Estratégia simples para ganhar com a CriptoMercado de Criptografia: Rendimento Ativo em vez de Investimento Passivo. Um exemplo de como lucrar não apenas com o crescimento, mas também com a queda da bitcoin e de outras criptomoedas.


12 de abril de 2018

1: 1000 Leverage Ratio: Freedom of Trading

1: 1000 Leverage Ratio: Freedom of TradingPractice shows that many traders and investors who have traded so far on crypto-exchanges only, do not understand very well what leverage is and what benefits and risks it implies. In fact, such a leverage is just a tool that multiplies opportunities for a trader.


23 de março de 2018

Crypto Trading with NordFX: Specifics and Strategies

Crypto Trading with NordFX: Specifics and StrategiesWhile many brokers, frightened by high volatility, give up majoritarian cryptocurrencies trading, the brokerage company NordFX, has on the contrary provided its customers with a leverage ratio, exactly 1000 times (!) higher than their own funds.

Due to this, profits on transactions with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can reach thousands of percent. But this can only happen in experienced hands.

As for amateurs, they can easily turn this powerful financial weapon against themselves.


14 de dezembro de 2016

Estratégias de Forex da Corretora NordFX: Heiken Ashi e MACD

Estratégias de Forex da Corretora NordFX: Heiken Ashi e MACD

Esta estratégia é bastante fácil de usar e pode ser aplicada com sucesso por investidores principiantes bem como pelos experientes que já estão à vontade com a negociação no Forex.

Outras vantagens incluem:

– utilização de apenas dois indicadores, ambos integrados nos terminais MetaTrader МТ4 e МТ5.

– possibilidade de usá-la com vários pares de moedas e intervalos..



14 de dezembro de 2016

Estratégias de Forex da Corretora NordFX: SLEEPING ALLIGATOR

Estratégias de Forex da Corretora NordFX: SLEEPING ALLIGATORUm dos indicadores de Forex mais utilizados, introduzido por Bill Williams, é chamado 'Alligator' (jacaré em inglês). Ao explicar as peculiaridades de aplicação deste "monstro", seu criador afirmou, que as transações devem ser abertas apenas quando o jacaré abre suas mandíbulas. O réptil está com fome, o que implica o começo de uma tendência. Quando satisfaz sua fome, fecha as mandíbulas, que serve como um sinal para o fim da tendência e o fechamento da posição.

Quanto à tendência, tudo está claro, mas de acordo com as estatísticas, ele só leva 20-25% do tempo total, durante o resto do tempo vemos uma tendência plana no mercado. Então, devemos parar de negociar durante este período de tempo?


14 de dezembro de 2016

Calculadora do Trader

Calculadora do TraderA calculadora on-line do trader da NordFX está localizada na guia "Ferramentas" e serve tanto para investidores iniciantes quanto para os experientes. Você pode calcular instantaneamente o preço de um ponto, ver o tamanho de um spread e de um swap, bem como os requisitos de margem para cada tipo de conta.

Em apenas alguns segundos, você não só fica sabendo de todos os parâmetros importantes para a negociação, mas também pode calcular o tamanho do lucro esperado (ou perda) para várias posições ao mesmo tempo. O risco de um erro é reduzido a zero, já que todas as configurações da conta já são consideradas na calculadora.


6 de dezembro de 2016

MT4 e MT5: Como começar a negociar

MT4 e MT5:  Como começar a negociarA MetaTrader 4 (MT4) é atualmente a plataforma a mais popular do mundo para negociar no mercado Forex, assim como para transações com metais preciosos. Ela fornece a oportunidade de negociar em vários prazos, com o uso de vários tipos de ordens, com execução imediata ou programada. A MT4 fornece vastas oportunidades de realizar análises técnicas, testes e a utilização de uma enorme quantidade de indicadores e robôs comerciais, bem como a cópia de sinais de investidores profissionais em um modo totalmente automático.


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